Blessed is the Family whose God is Jesus

by Bro. Jonathan Ng

I am Jonathan Ng and my wife is Brenda Poon. God has blessed us with four wonderful and beautiful children – Nicole, 23, Nicholas, 22, Nigel, 16 and Niven who is 14 years old this year. JESUS has also blessed us with a wonderful church where we can worship, pray, serve and to have fellowship with the members.


On behalf of the family, Brenda and I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us the greatest gift of all – the gift of salvation for eternal life. We want to thank God the Holy Spirit too for being with us every step of our lives since the day we surrendered our lives to Him.

We have journeyed with the Lord Jesus for the last 8 years. During those times, He has given us peace, joy, love, financial blessings, favour and protection. We could see that our lives were being changed and transformed as we walk closer to God, from being materialistic, family centered, judgmental, quarrelsome, and selfish to now a family that loves a God and cares for others. Jesus is our Beautiful Saviour.


The peace that God gave us is never like the peace the world can offer. We used to have so much fears and worries  – fear of death, fear of bad things that may happen to our children, fear of contracting illness, fear of trusting people, worrying about our business, not being good enough for our kids, thinking about our children’s education and many more. But since that day when we allowed God to be in control of our lives, all these fears and worries had vanished. We can sleep peacefully without worrying too much about our problems. This is the peace that no money in the world can buy. It’s given to us freely because Jesus is the Prince of Peace.


Since the day we surrendered our lives to God, the peace that He has given us has also brought so much joy into our lives. We began to appreciate all the things we have and all the friends that God has connected us with. The purpose and direction of our lives became much clearer and we always look forward to a new day. We now have hope of what is to come. There is also joy in serving and giving to the Lord. He can turn our mourning into joy. Jesus is our Joy.


I remember, in those days before God came into our lives, Brenda and I had to put in a lot of thought, strength and effort in running a business. But now, with God being our CEO, everything is so much easier. He has given us wisdom and understanding on how to increase profitability. He has given us favour with men for new business contracts. He has given us good partners in our business to help us expand. Right now, He is opening doors of new business potentials for us to venture in. We know when God opens the door, no one can shut it. Jesus is our Provider


We used to be really concerned for the safety of our children whenever they are not with us. But now, we can pray and ask God to put his hedge of protection and fire wall around our children against danger, harm and sicknesses. We, as parents, cannot be with them all the time but we can ask God to protect and guide them whenever they are not with us. We know God is protecting Nicole and Nicholas even when they are far away in America. God also protects our lives and our business. Jesus is our Protector


God has done marvelous work with our children. We remember when the children were young, we told God that children are His gifts to us and we surrender them “back“ to Him. We declared to God that our children are His property and we are only His stewards to raise them up according to HIS will, His purpose and His work. God has blessed them with different talents and gifts and we can see that God is molding them for His work not just for now but also for the future. In the gift of music, God is using all of them in His worship ministry.

In the gift of wisdom and knowledge, Nicole and Nicholas are doing well in their studies and assignments. Nigel and Niven too, are beginning to excel in their studies. We are teaching the children to give God the first priority in their lives. Anything that God wanted, must be done first. At the end of the day, everything is about HIM and not us. Jesus is our Everything.

Having God in our lives has brought us so much “fun”. Brenda used to say that when we take care of God’s business, He will take care of ours. We can really feel His love for us. Even though He is the Creator and Almighty God, yet we can call Him “Father”. In Him, our lives are never bored and we look forward to share this with anyone that we meet.

We want you to know that you too can have the same peace, joy and blessings in your family. God loves you too, as much as He loves us. Just invite Jesus into your life and He will pour the same peace, joy and blessings into your family. God never breaks a promise.