The Children in Prayer (CIP) ministry started in the year 2001 by Sis. Vasantha Ameritharani with only 3 children ages 3, 5 and 7. But as the years went by, the number of children gradually grew from 3 children to 15 children. The age group ranges from 1-12 years old as of now.

In this ministry, the children are taught to pray in the Spirit, to read the Bible and to even share about what they have learnt from each sermon on Sundays. Children are also able to lay hands on the sick and pray. In addition, prayer items are also given to these little prayer warriors and they are able to pray with so much of confidence and boldness. Some of them have been in this ministry for 16 years and they still continue as helpers to guide the young ones in prayer.

These children gather after Worship Service at 1.45pm every Sunday to join hands and pray together. CIP also encourages parents with babies to join this powerful ministry as it enables children to see the importance of prayer from a young age.