I thank God for bringing our family to this church. I have experienced my spiritual life with God in this church, with the right teaching, one to one counseling, and the powerful worship. I began to see God’s reality (the powerful move of God) when people are delivered from spiritual attacks, sickness and oppression.

I personally had experience of God’s touch in my life, I have hope, joy and peace and HIS Word has changed my life, the way I speak and think. The sermons are simple yet powerful and touching. The Pastors and their wives really give their heart in ministering through counseling and prayer. (one to one).
Andrew Thomas –


Though I grew up as a Catholic, I did not know the True Living GOD. I did not read the Holy Bible and going to church in those days was just Sunday obligations, and I led an aimless and joyless life with no clear purpose. My life was transformed in 2011 when I came to AOG Good Shepherd church in Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya. The mighty presence of GOD the HOLY SPIRIT and HIS powerful anointing is very overwhelming in the sanctuary of this church. I have witnessed miraculous healing in this church. My husband was miraculously cured of a chronic blood disorder and as there was no known treatment for such a disorder; no medical treatment was ministered to him. He was healed by our LORD & SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST through prayers of faith by the pastors, their wives and church members within 10 days of being diagnosed of this disorder. My husband was of a different faith at that time but is now baptized.

As a born again Christian, I am experiencing an abundant life of joy and peace. I have personally encountered and exercised the power and authority that JESUS has given to each and every believer as in (Mark 16:17-18) 17 “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; :18 ”they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover”.  HALLELUJAH to the EVERLASTING FATHER.
– Margaret Rao –


I started coming to this church from the age of 12 where I attended the Sunday School. I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for placing me in this church and using all our Pastors, their wives and the leaders to nourish me with the Word of God and teach His ways.

God has done so many good things in my life and I know as His Word says that his gifts and call are irrevocable. Amen.

-Simon Peter –


Since I came to this church, I grew deeper in knowing more about the Word of God. Before attending Good Shepherd AOG Church, I was facing severe depression. The moment I started attending this church, Jesus healed me and I was free from depression.

I am very happy now and I thank God that he led me to this church. The Holy Spirit is moving freely in gifts , miracles, signs n wonders. I am a church staff and I have been working since Jan 2011.

– Philip Tan –


It has been almost 30 years since my family and I came to this church and it has been a big blessing. From childhood to adulthood experiencing God’s goodness and move in this church has been nothing short of amazing. A place where everyone becomes family and grow spiritually. I call it home.

Looking forward in moving with God to take this church to the next level. United for Christ.

– Ashwin Menon-


I came to Good Shepherd in 2004 through my friend Shama who later introduced me to her mother, Aunty Vanitha. I received my baptism in Sept 2004. Being the first in the family to be born again was never easy. There were confrontation, rejection and challenges along the way. But in all these, I’d always been reminded of my dream that God is with me.

God has never given up on me  and I will not give up on HIM. Jesus has given me hope and He shifts the spiritual atmosphere around me. Jesus is above my circumstances, back then, now and always. I’ve encountered many life changing experiences, God’s favor healing, blessings and restoration over the years. I’d always be thankful for the people that God sent over the years, Pastors and their wives, friends & family, whom all played an important part in this journey. Amen

– Veronica Anyot –


I was in GSAOG church since I was a baby. At the age of 4, I started going to PPKC and Sunday School, I learned about Jesus and started to understand the bible through simple memory verses.

I am 18 years old now and the person I am today is all because of Jesus and the guidance from the teachers, parents and the Pastors. I am serving in the church as a Sunday School teacher, PPKC helper and a musician in the music ministry. I really want to thank God for all that he has done in my life.

-Joel Ebenezer-


A Testimony of Healing
I, Lee Moh Nee, have been attending Good Shepherd Assembly of God since 2003. I always attend all the services, even the healing services on Wednesday. I still remember during one Wednesday healing service, God healed my back. I was in pain but as I was worshiping and praising the Lord, I felt a great twist around my waist and it was very painful at that time but I thank God it only lasted for a minute. From then on, I was healed of my backache. The pain was gone. I am now 80 years old and I am able to walk, jump and exercise. All Praise and Honour and Thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ. I love this church. AMEN

-Lee Moh Nee-