Fasting is one of the most powerful spiritual discipline for a Christian. When fasting is combined together with prayer then it becomes a powerful weapon against spiritual forces of darkness. The discipline of fasting should not be regarded as burdensome but rather an opportunity to experience God’s power working within our weakened flesh. Weakened flesh equals to weakened desire for pleasure. It will be a time when the mind becomes more focused rather than cravings for pleasure. When prayer time and God’s word is added with that state of mind, great things begin to happen.

Over the years we had many types of fasting and prayer gatherings. There has been one day, three days, seven days, twenty one days and also forty days of fasting. Usually when a person, who has never fasted before contemplate about fasting, there will be a fear of failure. The fear is whether they can start fasting or remain fasting to the end. We always make it very clear that one must not have guilt or condemnation of oneself if they cannot complete the fast. A discipline is never attained overnight but there is a process through time. We must not approach it in fear but with great expectation.

Fasting has been a great blessing to the church. We have seen many barriers being removed and the impossible made possible. Lives have changed and terminal illnesses being healed. Having a corporate time of fasting and prayer is a great blessing. For many years we had the Congregational Fasting Prayer for one hour on the first Thursday of the month. From 2015, we shifted it to the first Friday of each month and extended it to two hours. Both the congregation gather at different halls during prayer. It has brought unity and the people were greatly stirred to reach out to the community. God’s presence during these prayer times had been tremendously felt and there have been many answered prayers.

Since January 2013, we have also started each year by calling the church to participate in a twenty one days fasting and prayer. Miraculously, many who have never fasted before and also those who have not done a 21 days fast participated. They themselves were surprised that they have finished it and so continually every year they have joyfully participated.

Many have also shared their testimonies of what God did after their fasting. Not only are there healing miracles but also miracles of getting a new job, house, car, being promoted at work, financial breakthroughs, marriages and relationships being restored, and many more. Many of them overcame their weaknesses and habits that were holding them since their younger days. The mind becomes more focused and sharper, and this helps those who are working and studying too. So do not fear to fast but surrender to God your yearning to fast. He will strengthen and empower you.