By Bro. Frederic Jacky Thierry Beillard

We have all heard testimonies of how Jesus heals, saves, forgives and sets people free. I have a personal testimony of how Jesus had set me free from smoking. I had been smoking since the age of 16 and I never thought I could ever quit. This testimony is an account of how the Lord set me free from the chains of addiction.

I met my Malaysian wife in 2013 in Geneva, I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour during one of my visits to Malaysia in 2013 at Good Shepherd Assembly of God. I started reading the bible and I began developing a relationship with Jesus. I felt different about myself and my wife prayed for me and our future.

We decided to get married and I came back to Malaysia in June 2014. As soon as I arrived I had my first cigarette and that was the last time I ever smoked. I believe Jesus had this miracle for me the moment I accepted Him as my personal saviour, I quit smoking the second day of my arrival in Malaysia. I didn’t feel or have the desire to smoke, I normally needed to smoke at least 5 to 6 times a day but I was able to quit in just one day! I had my doubts, can this really happen to me? I have heard from many people and friends that it is quite impossible to quit smoking. I woke up the next day and I didn’t feel like smoking. I knew at that moment I had received my miracle. I was overjoyed and I can’t thank Jesus enough, Jesus is still working in my life up to today, He has brought many great changes and is continuing to do so.   

Jesus doesn’t look at your past or your current situations, when you surrender yourself to Him wholeheartedly, He will do wonders in your life. I had been smoking for over 11 years and my family and friends were in disbelief when I told them I quit smoking.     

To anyone out there who needs a breakthrough in your life, find your healing, forgiveness and love through Jesus Christ.