God’s Unfailing Love – Cancer bows down to name of Jesus

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I underwent aggressive cancer treatment that included 6 cycles of chemotherapy, 25 cycles of radiotherapy and medication. I lost my hair and I got to wear fancy head scarves! BUT I remembered the pain, the numerous IV injection needles I had to endure, the chemotherapy side effects that made me so weak, that at times I was unable to move or get up from bed. I had to get booster jabs to regain my strength. It was a very tough and painful time but I did not lose my faith and hope in Jesus. He was faithful to pull me out of it. 

In 2015, I was also faced with other life changing challenges and I was in such sorrow and did not know how to deal with it. My good friend Victoria, knew what was going on and she contacted me and said “ You need support, come to Church!”. Subsequently, I had 3 dreams from the Lord, re-directing me to Good Shepherd Church. Hence, I came to church and Sister Vanitha (Senior Pastor’s wife) counseled and prayed for me on a regular basis.

In July 2016, I had a fall and I hit my head. Sister Vanitha prayed for me and she had a revelation and saw that there was something in my brain. She told me to see the doctor and get a scan done. I was hesitant because, I did not think it was anything to be worried about. Anyway, I listened and went for a brain CT scan and what I could not believe was that they had discovered 4 cancer tumours in my brain! The revelation was accurate. If I had not gone for the scan, I would not have known as I never experienced any symptoms or felt ill at ALL.

 Brain Scan with 4 malignant tumours

I had to also do a PET scan to check for other areas of metastasis, they discovered it had gone to two other areas; My left pelvic bone and my left adrenal gland

I was so shattered and devastated, I did not know how to comprehend what was going on. There was a time I was on my knees,  crying out to God asking Him and trying to find answers to make sense out of this and telling Him that I am not ready to go because I have not accomplished anything significant for him yet.  However, later God gave me the assurance and peace that He is in control and that He will never leave me, nor forsake me. Jesus was going to calm this storm, a whirlwind as what was described, and Jesus was in the eye of that whirlwind. I was not just fighting one life threatening battle, I was actually fighting several battles at the same time that were life impacting.

The enemy had waged war, as a war has many battles. But because I have seen God’s faithfulness before, I knew there was nothing God cannot do. I was not going to let the enemy defeat me!  And I was not going to let all this pain go in vain. It has to have a PURPOSE!

I only went for radiation treatment and no chemotherapy this time. After the treatment, I did a scan and blood test.  There were not much improvement and my tumour markers were still high at 40. It remained at 40 for several months. I was disappointed, but I still kept hanging to God’s promises as Pastor Joseph, Sister Vanitha, the church group, friends and family were upholding me in prayer.

In April 2017, the day after Easter with the Sunday Resurrection sermon still fresh in my mind, I went for my second scan.  I was declaring and proclaiming God’s promises over my life. Believing that “By His Stripes, I AM Healed!! It is not I am going to be healed or I will be healed, But I am ALREADY Healed in Jesus Name. Present Tense! I activated my faith, believed and acted upon it that way.

The next day, the doctor broke the good news to me, He said “Everything has cleared up in your brain. All gone!! And there’s much improvement in other areas. Your tumour markers is now 23, dropped drastically. You are doing well”. I was actually hoping that God gives me 32 for the tumour markers just to fall under the normal range for my type of cancer, but he gave me 23!! I was just so happy with that huge improvement. I could not stop praising Jesus for what he has done. Truly, He is a faithful God. He is God of all creation and He controls life. He is above medical science and doctors. Only He knows our beginning and our end. God was in the battle with me. He was fighting for me and I know His promises are sure: VICTORY!

Tumours gone and cleared!


Tumour markers dropped drastically to 23 (it should be less than 39.1).

There were 2 other tumours in my body too, on the adrenal gland and the pelvic bone. (Latest update March 29, 2019 – current PET scan – the tumour on the adrenal gland shrunk to no longer metastasizing and the one on the pelvic bone is completely resolved and gone without any treatment) All Glory and Praise to JESUS for this miracle!) I cannot explain this JOY and relief I feel.  Our God is so Awesome!

Jeremiah 29:11 says “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”.

Throughout this journey, when it was just too much to deal with, I had fallen off track several times emotionally and spiritually. But it was God’s unfailing LOVE that put me back on track, to ensure that I never gave up through His people. I have learnt that Support is vital and people do need help and the spiritual support in situations like these. I thank Pastor Joseph, Sister Vanitha, Victoria, Good Shepherd church, my family and friends who lifted me in prayer and gave me that encouragement, support and help that I needed.

All Glory to Jesus! There is no other Name but the Name of Jesus. He is truly the healer God.  Amen!

My son Lyndon and I