by Rev. Johnathan A.D. John

Our theme in the small church was, “Jesus saves, heals and delivers”. People who needed help came, some of them were possessed, we did deliverance sometimes even up to 3.00 am in the morning.

Families without food and proper shelters came. God did many miracles.

My brother, Pastor Joseph was posted to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. I was an ordained minister in the Lutheran Denomination in Port Dickson. In a meeting a prophecy came that I will work with my brother. When the Good Shepherd started to grow, Pastor Joseph called me to join him. God also confirmed it to me and my wife, Astare Rani.

We came to Good Shepherd in the year 1993. Since then we had seen the Lord Jesus Christ touching many lives, healing and blessing them.

Taking God at His word, the church witnessed many miracles, healings, deliverance and many lives were transformed.

We were strategically located in the area of Petaling Jaya. Every Sunday morning we had an attendance of 120 to 150 people (including children).  Since the space was small, we conducted the Sunday School classes and Adult classes on the 3 sides of the building. It was a cemented space, but since there were no shades, we used to put up big umbrellas and conduct classes (see picture).


Every Sunday evening we had a Tamil evangelistic service. There was a time when there were some drunkards around the church area. We used to bring them for this service. They had their baths at the church bathroom and we provided them with clothes. They will worship together and when the service was over, food was provided for them.

Every Thursday, about 30-60 people attended at 8.00 pm for the Bible Study. Every Friday evening, a group of intercessors, get together and engage in spiritual warfare prayer and prayer drive. We covered the whole area of Petaling Jaya.

We gave important priority to counseling and deliverance from evil spirits. We had Children’s Church on Saturdays at 10.00 am and Youth Fellowship in the evening. On Saturday evening from 7.00 to 8.00 pm we had prayer. We called this ‘the walk-in Prayer”, prayer items were given. An individual can walk in, take a prayer items list, sit anywhere and pray. The Church was open almost everyday of the week.