By Jennytha Michael

In July 2006, Anamah had been having stomach pain and feeling weak for some time. When she went to the hospital, she went through some tests and the results revealed that she had Stage 4 ovarian cancer. The doctors advised her to immediately go through an operation to remove the affected ovary and begin chemotherapy treatment immediately, any delay the ovary could burst out.

Since Anamah was strong in prayer, she believed that she could find encouragement and confidence through Jesus alone. Even though she went through a major operation and chemotherapy, Anamah always spoke life to her situation by saying, “I will be healed by the blood of Jesus Christ”. Three months later, the doctor told her that there are still cancer cells in her womb and needed to do another operation. Again she went through an operation to remove her womb. She still continued to trust God that He will do something in her life for His glory.

After several treatment visits and checkups and feeling disappointed, doctor told Anamah and her husband Michael there are still cancer cells that needed to be removed. So Anamah needed to go through the third operation but Michael did not agree with the doctor’s suggestion. Both of them then decided to pray to Jesus for a miracle to take place without the operation.

One night, when Anamah was praying with tears, Jesus spoke to her, “By my stripes, you are healed” according to God’s word in 1 Peter 2:24.

In December 2006, Anamah and Michael went to another checkup and finally they received the good news they had been praying for. The doctor told them that the cancer cells have disappeared!! They both were excited and thanking the Lord for this great miracle. He is truly the healer God. Since that day till now, Anamah had no sign of cancer. Praise the Lord! Now, she is doing ministry in Good Shepherd church to glorify the name of Jesus. Wherever she goes, she shares her testimony to others to encourage them by the word of God. All praise to Jesus alone!

Anamah and her family