How Jesus Changed My Life

By Bro. Kang C. Aik

I was a Buddhist all throughout my life. I came from a family generation that embraced Buddhism. We always had an altar in the house and we would always burn the joss sticks daily. We also believed and used many methods and items related to Feng Shui.

However my life changed at the age of 46 as I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

This all started when Sister Jamie, a lady from my neighbourhood introduced Good Shepherd Church to my wife Jane and my son Jun Han .She was a member of Good Shepherd. She ministered to them about Jesus and invited them to attend Power Praise Kids Church (PPKC). My wife then agreed to send my son for PPKC first at Good Shepherd church. He was only 3 years old at that time. After the first time joining PPKC my son was really excited and wanted to go more often to church. As young as he was, he shared to me that he wanted to go to church and told that Jesus is more powerful than what I was praying at home. I was shocked with his statement and I told him that he is too young to even say this and make this decision . In addition to that my son expressed his feelings of removing the altar and he so wanted us as a family to only serve Jesus. So finally, I agreed to follow them one day to church.

I remember it was on a Wednesday night, for the first time in my life I was attending a healing service in Good Shepherd. We went to church as a family that day. As I entered the sanctuary, I felt a sense of peace in my heart which I could not explain. During that time I was also going through a rough time at work and other matters were troubling me as well. The sense of peace really comforted and stirred my heart emotionally. When the Pastor asked; if anyone who needs prayer, please come forward. My wife asked me to go forward, but I was reluctant to go in front and I said No. When the Pastor then asked me personally to go forward, for respect sake I decided to go in front. As the Pastor prayed for me, I felt like a heavy burden being lifted off from my shoulders and as they continued to pray I was touched by the Spirit of God and being an unbeliever this amazed me.

After some time,  Sister Vasantha who is the member of Good Shepherd church came to visit us, when she came to the house and shared more about Christ to us, I was amazed at her testimony about how great Jesus Christ is. She invited me to come for the Sunday Service and to experience church, worship and to hear the message but I still didn’t not give her an answer.

However I still continued to attend more healing services on Wednesdays and I was still being touched by the Spirit of God and despite being unsure of this concept (being touched by the Spirit), the songs of worship and the messages kept touching my heart.

Then one Sunday, I finally decided to attend the Sunday Service in Good Shepherd. The people in church were very warm and friendly and the fellowship was amazing. As the worship started, I was moved emotionally by the songs and tears were flowing down from my eyes. Another part which really touched my heart was seeing my son Jun Han. He would have tears in his eyes during worship time and when I questioned him about this he would say that the worship always touches his heart.

After the Sunday Service, I felt very peaceful and I wanted to know more about Jesus, but there were many thoughts and questions running through my mind. For example, How will my family take this?  Will my dad, my siblings and especially my eldest brother accept this? Will they go against me?

I was worried but until one night I heard a voice telling me; “If you want me to come into your life, you must wholeheartedly accept me”. I woke up the next morning and I did not share this with my wife and just went to work.

As I was driving, I kept thinking about the voice and I concluded it was from Jesus. I stopped my car at my place of work and made a decision at that moment to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

I contacted Sister Vasantha to tell her that I was willing to accept Jesus Christ. She was so happy and asked me whether I was sure about it. My answer was Yes and that I have nothing to lose as my wife and son were happy whenever they are in  church. She told me to call the Senior Pastor but during this time , my wife and son did not even know I had made the decision to accept Jesus Christ.

I finally told my Pastor that I want to accept Jesus Christ and I gave him the permission to go to the house to remove anything that was not acceptable according to Christian beliefs; excluding my wife and son of course!. My wife gave me a call, she was astonished and asked if I was really accepting Christ. My answer was Yes; and I informed her that a Pastor will be coming to the house to remove certain things.

When I reached home after work and as I entered the house; I was pleasantly surprised with how different everything looked including the changes in my wife and son. I checked around the house and again I was amazed, all the “feng shui” items  that I had placed in secret places were also removed. I called up the Pastor and asked how he knew where to look for all these things and he replied “that God the Holy Spirit led him”.

From that day onwards, my wife and son were very happy. There was so much of peace and joy in the house. Although, within the first year I accepted Christ, our faith was tested as we had to face many challenges  but no matter what God was with us and we were contented with whatever we had with us.  I never complained or questioned Jesus , but I went down on my knees daily and prayed to Jesus to help me to change every bad situation and to overcome these situations.

Praise God!  Jesus kept HIS promises and delivered me out from my difficult situations. JESUS has never failed me.

The verse that has impacted my life is from;

2 Chronicles 7:14  If my people who are called by my Name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

I give all glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ!

My Family and I