by Rev. Johnathan A.D John

I was born in a Christian family. We were Lutherans, regularly attending Sunday school and Church. I am a qualified Lithographic Metal Printer. Even as a teenager, I had a pessimistic view of life.  I used to struggle with these questions of life, that is, ‘Why am I born? Why am I alive?’ What is the purpose of life? The understanding that I had about life and death was that, in the end I will die and soon forgotten by all,” just like a cat or a dog that has been knocked down by a vehicle, and soon forgotten by all. And then the question arises within me, “What is the purpose of my life?” And, I used to get so depressed.

In the year 1974, when I was 24 years old, I met with an accident, it involved my motorbike (a Norton 350cc) and a car. I broke my left thigh bone (femur). A steel rod was inserted in my femur, and I was on crutches for 3 months.  This was the time I started to read the Bible just to pass time, but it turned out to be an encounter with the “Living” Lord Jesus Christ.


In the year 1978, I got married to Astare Rani and by this time both of us were involved in our local Lutheran Church. This was the time when some Assemblies of God Pastors used to have Bible Studies in our home. 

As we were growing in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word, and spiritual things, both my wife and I knew that there was a call for full time ministry. By this time, my second child was born. During this time an incident took place, a teenage girl, a relative of my wife was possessed by an evil spirit. 

The relatives call us to come and pray, we were inexperienced in the area of evil spirits deliverance. Anyway, we went, the family members were there, so we sang ‘songs, worshiped God and prayed in Tamil, I took authority in Jesus’ Name, rebuked and cast the evil spirit claiming the ‘Blood of Jesus’ on the teenager. The teenager in a loud voice was screaming, ‘It is burning, It is burning!’ a few times, and then she dropped. After a little while, she was normal and asking us, ‘what happened?’ 

This was the 1st time in our lives that both, my wife and me literally saw the power of God. I could not sleep that whole night, because I was so marveled at the power of God that I told God, that I together with my family will give ourselves for God’s work to see this ‘Power of God’ set people free. In the month of May 1981, I resigned my job and went fulltime to study at Seminari Theologi Malaysia.