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Since 1998, it has been the goal of Power Praise Kids Church to bring the gospel to the kids in the community, but through the leadership of the Holy Spirit this ministry is going even further than we thought and now it is reaching into the homes and families of the children. Through children we have seen families coming to the Lord.

Our vision is to Reach Out to Children.  Won by ONE.

PPKC has adopted Pastor Bill Wilson’s approach (from Metro Ministries) specifically using his teaching methods and materials that have been effective in impacting children in building their faith and walk with God.

The objective of PPKC are as follows:

  • Community can change when God comes to town
  • Changing  the spiritual DNA of community through evangelism
  • Community transformation
  • Church as the Light House
  • God’s supernatural power to be manifested
  • Bringing new souls

Power Praise Kids Church is reaching greater heights and we are claiming families for Jesus. The team is equipped to take up even bigger challenges than before. We have many Testimonies showcasing how our God had touched many lives through this wonderful ministry, click here to read on some of these special testimonies.

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The Power Praise Kids Church is held on every Saturday at 10:30am. Lunch is provided for the kids.