Pastor Bill Wilson Special Visit to Good Shepherd Church

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It was a wonderful privilege to have Pastor Bill Wilson the Founder and Senior Pastor of Metro World Child in Good Shepherd Assembly of God on the 8th and 9th September 2017.

Pastor Bill is a man of principals and lives a very good leadership example. As a guest speaker, he arrived very early to church to work with the church team and also to meet up with everyone who was there. He is a very down to earth person, and knows what he is doing. He carries out his call very well.

On the 8th of September, we had a night rally at our church. Pastor Bill Wilson was challenging every heart that was sitting in the room. One powerful question he asked in his sermon was ‘What do you see?’. It is easy for us to judge anyone from just one look, but when we extend our lives in reaching out to people who are in need we could save a life in the most amazing way that we could not imagine. It took an ordinary Christian to save his life. He has developed a heart of compassion for suffering children around the world and reaching out to them in every way possible

Pastor Bill’s passion and calling in his life has not only impacted thousands of lives around the world but also Good Shepherd Children’s ministry ‘Power Praise Kid’s Church. Since 1998, PPKC has been using his teaching material and have tasted and seen many rewards. One of the greatest reward was to see children themselves bringing their families to Christ.

After almost twenty years inviting Pastor Bill Wilson without giving up, finally he responded to our invitation with love and excitement. Although, he was a man of busy schedules, he showed concern and care on what we are doing. He told the PPKC teachers and helpers you will see results by being consistent with what you are doing. Some of our helpers have grown up from his teaching materials and they are serving in the children’s church now. It was such a time like this he has responded to our call to see one of the fruit of our ministry, the PPKC helpers.

On the 9th of September he was definitely part of the PPKC doing the ice breaking and Life Story with the children and also sharing his personal testimony about the time he was abandoned on a street corner by his mother at the age of 12, Pastor Bill sat and waited for her at that corner for 3 days. She never came back. A Christian layman who was on his way to see his son in the hospital stopped and picked him up. Anybody could have stopped, but it was an ordinary Christian man who stopped.

All the children were well behaved and listened to him speak with their eyes fixed on him. Pastor Bill is also clever to win the hearts of the children and of cause there was a reward for listening. The children who payed attention to what he was saying were rewarded with some American dollars.

Event Highlights

Pastor Bill Wilson Event Highlights

Pastor Bill Wilson Kids Service 9/9/2017