Have you ever grown tired and weary of evangelising? It seems as though your efforts in evangelism is a constant failure, yet there is a fiery prompting in your heart to share the good news to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and your family members.

We are living in challenging times, where wrong seems right. This makes evangelising even more complicated. However, this story of a 10 year old girl speaks otherwise.

When asked of how little Agaliyah brought Samuel Raj and his family to church, she said that Samuel was her classmate and his sisters were her friends.

Their family was going through hard times and Samuel Raj’s mother was constantly ill. A simple invitation to the PPKC was the first step Agaliyah took but she did not stop there, since Samuel Raj’s family lived in the same neighbourhood.

Agaliyah  informed her mother about their situation and her mother decided to pay them a visit and also invited them to church. Ever since then this family is attending church regularly. A simple act of compassion can make a great impact in a person’s life. Samuel Raj and his family is here in Good Shepherd Church because Agaliyah took the initiative to reach out to them.

Today this family is experiencing many breakthroughs in their lives as they have drawn closer to the Lord. Praise be to God!