Greetings in Jesus’ Name and welcome to Good Shepherd Assembly of God.

We are a family orientated church with people from all walks of life. Many have been with us from the beginning and also there are new people who have just joined us recently. Fellowship and interaction are the alluring factors coupled with the Bible based preaching and teaching that keeps the people coming back again.

I thank God for breaking the racial barriers and we have people from different races and nationalities joining us every week. Though our location is far from eateries, yet we have some wonderful people who contribute towards preparing of meals on Sundays after our worship services and many enjoy their time at the cafeteria.

We believe that the Bible is the all sufficient guide for our daily life. It is still relevant in our present age and its message continues to encourage and comfort the reader towards self-betterment

You are free to attend our various programs and be introduced to our church. We will provide opportunities for you to find encouragement, friendship and support.

Rev. Ebenezer David & Regina