Evil Spirit and Sex
By Rev. Joseph T. John

A young girl in her teens played a game called, “the spirit of the coin” with her friends. In the game they called for a spirit and a spirit came. They asked for it’s name and it gave a boy’s name. This young girl playfully asked the spirit to be her boyfriend. It replied “Yes”.

From that day onward, the evil spirit came and had oral sex with her every night. In the beginning she was enjoying the high orgasmic sensation but it gradually became eerie. She tried to stop but it overpowered her and became more demanding. She was seeking help but many did not believe her. She had to go through the torment every night even after her marriage.

One day she and her husband came to see us. They were from another church. The husband told that one night he decided to be awake to confront the evil spirit. It was about 1.00 AM, his room door which was locked flung open. A tall black figure was approaching the bed. He got up but could not because he was overpowered by a deep sleep and the evil spirit molested the wife and went off.

We had some sessions for a few days to set her free. We had to deal with the spiritual and carnal issues of her personal life and sometimes overlapping of medical issues. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WAS TO BRING HER INTO FAITH AND OBEDIENCE. THIS EVIL SPIRIT WAS FINALLY CAST OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS BY BELIEVING AND OBEYING THE WORD.

Those who need help can contact us or call Pastor Joseph at 012-2040156.

Body Snatchers

By Rev. Joseph T. John

A man came to me and said that he will bring his family to our church the following Sunday. He kept his word and brought his family.  I was flabbergasted,  he actually brought about twenty people.  When he went into the church his wife told me something strange; that man was her husband, and that’s his body but the person inside the body was an evil spirit.  It has taken over the family as the husband of the wife fulfilling all the duties of the husband and also as the father of her children.

He drove a taxi in Petaling Jaya and earned his income for the family. Nobody else knew that it was an evil spirit. His side business was being a bomoh at night.  He was a man who only spoke Tamil but the evil spirit spoke only Bahasa Malaysia.

However, he started attending church regularly, but in church he folded his arms and did not worship God. Months passed by and nothing happened.

On Christmas day before the worship service started he came to me and identified himself as an evil spirit inside the body.  Then, he challenged me and said that in Jesus’s name we will not be able to cast him out. Nevertheless, after the service was over, we three Pastors and our wives tried to cast the evil spirit out of the body but nothing happened.  The evil spirit then told to “Look”. It came out of the body.  But before it came out, it paralysed the man so that he was not able to talk and stand.  When his wife saw her husband suffering, she called for the evil spirit to stop the suffering and to return into the body.

It returned into the body and the man became normal but was fully possessed by the evil spirit once more. After a few months, the wife brought him to pray because it was their wedding anniversary.  At that point, I was very disappointed for not being able to cast out the evil spirit earlier, so I spoke to God in my heart; “I had cast out many evil spirits in my ministry but now I do not know how to pray for the wedding anniversary of an evil spirit?”.

Anyway I prayed for the wife’s sake.  A one sentence prayer. When I opened my eyes,  I saw him lying on the ground a few feet away.  The people around told me that he was carried up and thrown. The evil spirit spoke and said that it cannot stay in that body anymore.  It left the body and he was set free.  Once again he started to speak Tamil and could not speak Bahasa Malaysia.

The evil spirit took over the body and lived a normal life like a human being, eating, drinking, laughing, shouting, showing anger, fighting etc.  He spoke fluent Bahasa Malaysia.  The question which came into my mind was that, there could be more evil spirits living in bodies and mingling with people and we are not aware.  We may have talked and shook hands with evil spirits.

The man was set free by the power in the Name of Jesus!

Christians and non-Christians are created with protection from God.  Evil spirits cannot touch us.  God has put a hedge around us.  (Job 1:10 10 Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.)

Only we can break the hedge when seeking the help of evil spirits from bomohs, sorcerers. Those who are being tormented by evil spirits can be set free only by Jesus Christ.

Those who need help can contact us or call Pastor Joseph at 012-2040156.

The Enchanted Watch
By Rev. Joseph T. John

One day a young Chinese Christian lady came for counseling. My wife and I took her into the counseling room. She told us that she has a happy married life with four children, but she needed help and guidance to come out of an ongoing relationship with another man. Although the other man was rich , she was not attracted to his riches.

But a strong feeling and desire to always be with him overwhelms her to run into his arms again and again. She loves her family and the desire for him is not love but longing for his physical touch. He kept telling her to leave her family and be with him. She loves her husband and her children, none of her family members knew about her secret love affair.

All she wanted was her family but she was being tormented with the uncontrollable desire to be with the other man.

She desperately came to Jesus for help; we had to save her marriage but had no power on our own to do anything. The three of us prayed and as we prayed God gave a revelation to my wife of a beautiful lady’s’ gold rolex watch with shiny stones. The lady was shocked and in amazement said, “Yes, that is the watch he presented to me”.

Whenever she sees the watch or goes near to it an uncontrollable desire to be with him overcomes her. This is witchcraft for a spell has been put upon the watch captivating her mind to be a slave to his physical love.

The word of God tells us to burn and destroy all items of witchcraft and evil. We told her that she has come under witchcraft and she can be set free in the Name of Jesus. The spell can be broken in the Name of Jesus by breaking the item and removing it from the house. She agreed and brought the item and with her permission we broke the watch gave it to her to throw it. She took the broken watch, threw it and went back home.

We forgot about her and after about two months we received a letter from her thanking and telling us that she is happy and back to her normal family life with her husband and children.

The question is, can Christians come under witchcraft and spiritual bondage? The answer to that question is not that whether it can happen or not, it is happening and Christians are being delivered and set free.

Those who need help can contact us or call Pastor Joseph at 012-2040156.