by Delicia Charles

This is an amazing testimony by an 8 year old girl named Anukeerthana, a bright, beautiful and wonderful child of God. She is self determined and persistent in everything that she does. Anu is the 4th child among 5 siblings. Anu has gone through a lot ever since she was a baby and so her parents, Subramaniam and Kumari.

It all began, two weeks after Anu was born. Kumari (Anu’s mother) shared that her daughter was having very high fever (38 degrees) for about two days. They rushed to General Hospital Klang to get her admitted however after  being admitted for 3 days her fever refused to go down. The doctors had to give different types of antibiotics but that made it worse and her temperature escalated even higher than before. Apart from that, the centre part of her head (also known as the fontanelle) was growing 3cm each day and it became very soft. In addition, they had to do a bloat test and a head scan but the bloat test results were normal whereas the head scan showed that Anu had Hydrocephalus (water in the brain). Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid in the brain. The excess fluid leads to increased pressure on the brain which can cause damage to the brain tissue. The key treatment for Hydrocephalus is a shunt where a thin tube was implanted in Anu’s brain to drain away the excess fluid to another part of the body.

She was then shifted to KL General Hospital as her parents were referred to a neurosurgeon. She had to go through an MRI scan to see what was the exact condition. The scan showed that Anu was diagnosed with Dardy Walker Malformation (a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum an area at the back of the brain that controls movement and the fluid filled spaces around it) and also partially treated for meningitis (an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord). This is caused when the protective membranes around the brain and spinal cord (known as the meninges) becomes infected. However the only solution the doctor gave was to undergo an operation but even so the results would be 50/50 and there would have been some side effects.

Nevertheless, Anu’s mother decided not to proceed with the operation even though the doctor strongly advised her to do so. She felt that she could consider other traditional methods and treatments. As Anu’s parents were strong Hindu devotees, they dedicated their lives by going to temples regularly, they went for ayurvedic treatments, palm reading, yoga, and they visited bomohs so that their daughter could be healed. They were so desperate till they didn’t mind spending  lots of money on various  treatments and methods to an extent where they were left with no money to even buy food for themselves. Despite investing all their time and money on these things the condition only got worse. Anu’s parents were frustrated as they tried everything under the sun but were still unable to get a proper solution for Anu’s conditions until one day a lady named Thilaga (who wasn’t a Christian at that time) advised Anu’s mum to go to church.  She was first invited for a cell group meeting in Desa Mentari and then from there Anu’s parents were led to Good Shepherd Assembly of God (GSAG). At that time Anu was already 8 months and her parents attended their first healing service in GSAG. Rev.Joseph John, the senior pastor of the church prayed for Anu and her parents and told them that only JESUS can heal their daughter but they must totally surrender to Jesus. Anu’s father had more faith at that time as compared to Anu’s mum who was initially  sceptical and half- hearted but later she agreed and said ok as she was willing to do anything for her daughter to be healed.

Soon after that,  Anu’s family continually came for both healing and Sunday services. Apart from this, they still took Anu for her doctor’s appointment monthly but ever since they started going for prayer regularly it was reduced from once a month to once in three months and now ONCE A YEAR!. The doctors still persisted at first that Anu had to go through surgery but as she went for regular check -ups they couldn’t find any symptoms.  As a result, the doctors concluded that Anu doesn’t need to do any SURGERY.

Moreover Anu’s mother’s faith in Jesus increased the moment her daughter started walking at the age of 3.She was astonished to see this miracle happen before her eyes despite everyone that told  her that Anu won’t be able to walk. Anu is also able to converse fluently. Prior to this, doctors even stated that the symptoms of her condition were that she won’t be able to walk, talk, see and there were also possibilities that she could get fits but till this current day she has had none of these symptoms. This is indeed a powerful miracle. Jesus has proved to Anu and her family that HE is the only one who Saves, Heals and Delivers. Miraculously, Anu’s head stopped growing because if it continued to grow it could lead to death. But today she is ALIVE and WELL.

Finally, Anu is in a normal school and she is doing exceptionally well. She is always first in the class and she is always participating in simple school activities. She is adamant even when it comes to church activities and she is able to memorize bible verses. Anu is just like any normal child and God has given her the strength, courage and joy in her life. The beautiful thing is that through Anu’s condition, her family has experienced Jesus Christ and received salvation. There is so much of joy and peace in their hearts today.

When I asked Anu who was the one who healed her, she replied and said“JESUS Healed Me”. If JESUS can heal Anu, HE can also heal you too from anything!

Matthew 15:8 – Then Jesus answered and said to her, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour.



Medical Report of Diagnosis and Discharge