The lives of many women are filled with sorrow, tears, unfairness and injustice. We have been deeply moved in the problems of women today. A general view of the many cases have shown us unhappy married lives. The one’s happy bride who looked forward to a happy married life becomes imprisoned in the wickedness of life. Many women are unloved by the husbands, have gone through domestic violence, some have had permanent physical scars and disability.

It is sad to see most of the women are struggling to take care of their children. We try to help these women through governmental bodies and on our part we help them through the Word of God, to strengthen and comfort and to bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide some monetary assistance for them and the family. We also encourage the children to continue in their studies.

Those who need help can contact us or call Sis. Vanitha Joseph at +6012 – 204 0157  or Sis. Regina Ebenezer at +6012 – 241 1781.